Unlimited Innovation: Kilider New Patent Issued

Unlimited Innovation: Kilider New Patent Issued

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2020/04/16 17:29
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JIANGXI KILIDER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD recently got feedback from China State Intellectual Property Office and US Patent and Trademark Office that the patent application over our independent-design toner cartridge KLD-W1143A was approved. The patent right was granted by Innovation Patent NO.:201910813795.0 and Patent NO.:16575369 , which has been listed up to our technology patent pool.
▲Powder bucket information
▲Patent-free toner cartridge KLD-W1143A
▲China Innovation Patent NO.:201910813795.0
▲US Innovation Patent NO.:16575369
Our design gets around from various OEM patents completely. Its core parts have been greatly improved on the basis of OEM to ensure the smooth running of toner cartridge within the machine. And the capacity of the cartridge is 30% larger than that of the OEM, which can ensure that the toner has enough space in the cartridge to avoid agglomeration due to extrusion. This product has been repeatedly tested by our engineering team. Its installation in the machine is smooth. It has low-level residual toner powder rate and stable running performance. Our product present printing quality matching that of original ones, plus total compatibility with HP machines 1000n/1001nw/MFP1200nw/MFP1202nw/MFP1202w. It is valuable for customers to reduce the daily printing cost, at no expense of concerning on patent right infringement at all.
▲KLD-W1143A Suitable for HP1000n/1001nw/MFP1200nw/MFP1202nw/MFP1202w
As a technical company, Kilider has not only increased the investment in R&D and continuous innovation, but also actively cultivated high-tech talents. "People-oriented" is the fundamental principle which drives our growth. We have always been paying special attention to talents hiring and training. We also show our highest respect to intellectual property with huge investment into technical research and innovation. As the output of all these years accumulation on technology, Kilider is awarded with the national High-Tech Enterprise in 2017. Meanwhile, we have achieved ISO9001 management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Our products comply with REACH & RoHS and other safety regulations, such as STMC, SCE, WEEE, etc. With the philosophy of “continuous improvement and innovation”, Kilider will always provide customers with high quality and best performance products.