Patent innovation, never stop, KILIDER patent adds new color

Patent innovation, never stop, KILIDER patent adds new color

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2020/03/21 10:54
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Jiangxi Kilider Technology Co., Ltd. launched a new product suitable for Ricoh MC2001 . This product has been developed, improved, and repeatedly tested by the company's engineering staff. It has full compatibility with the original. The powder rate is low, and the quality is comparable to the original, which can effectively reduce customer office costs.
Our Kilider team is constantly searching for toners that match the original. After passing the life test of more than 100,000 sheets, we have done detailed data analysis and comparison with the original toner in terms of toner consumption and fixing rate.
Jiangxi Kilider Technology Co., Ltd., patented technology library to add new products, the company's independent innovation research and development of MC2001 toner cartridges, obtained patents as follows:
Invention patent number: 201911189749.4
▲Powder bucket information
▲MC2001 Toner cartridge
▲Chinese invention patent number: 201911189749.4
Kilider is always sticking to strict testing standards to ensure our products have excellent performance and good compatibility. We have implemented the international standard quality management system throughout production process to ensure our products achieve the OEM level.
As a technical company, Kilider has not only increased the investment in R&D and continuous innovation, but also actively cultivated high-tech talents. "People-oriented" is the fundamental principle which drives our growth. We have always been paying special attention to talents hiring and training. We also show our highest respect to intellectual property with huge investment into technical research and innovation. As the output of all these years accumulation on technology, Kilider is awarded with the national high-tech enterprise in 2017. Meanwhile, we have achieved ISO9001 management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Our products comply with REACH & RoHS and other safety regulations, such as STMC, SCE, WEEE, etc. With the philosophy of“continuous improvement and innovation”,Kilider will always provide customers with high quality and best performance products.Provide high-quality consumable solutions for customers worldwide.