Kilider company epidemic prevention and control work

Kilider company epidemic prevention and control work

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2020/03/02 18:06
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In order to strengthen the prevention and control of new coronaviruses, maintain normal production order, and ensure the health of employees and their families, in accordance with the "Notice" of Shangrao City, we Kelid Company, formulated these detailed rules.
Strengthen the management of the company's daily reporting system, and cooperate with government departments in handling the epidemic situation to reduce the harm of the epidemic.
Strengthen the information registration, temperature measurement, inquiry activity trajectory, vehicle killing and other supervisory measures in and out of the factory area to ensure that you do not miss any car or anyone
Insist on daily comprehensive disinfection, multiple disinfection, ventilation of work area, etc. All employees wear masks during work, wash their hands frequently, do not gather, monitor body temperature, and provide a full set of protection for special positions, and keep records.
Strengthen personnel management and encourage employees to drive to work by themselves;
Production, work, and mobile work are not carried out at the same time to minimize personnel movement.
Plan reasonable traffic routes and stop all gathering activities. To ensure that management personnel are able to be on time, strictly implement the system for requesting leave cancellation and going out, reduce the number of personnel on business trips, and do not arrange employees to travel to high-risk epidemic areas.
Management of waste masks. Collection sites for waste masks and disposable gloves are set up in all workshops. All employees must discard them at designated locations. The cleaning staff wears protective equipment (protective masks and disposable gloves) to collect and dispose of them in a unified manner.
Guide employees to treat the epidemic properly, so as not to be slack, panic, believe or spread rumors. I believe that under the leadership of the government, the epidemic will be overcome.