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The road of innovation is endless 丨 Kilider was awarded KLD-OKI-C830 invention patent certificate
Kilider Invention Patent (Patent Number: 202011268017.7) was reviewed by the National Patent Office for more than two years, and finally passed and obtained the invention certificate awarded by the National Patent Office.
Kilider has always adhered to technological innovation. The technical team while accurately avoiding the original patent and designing and developing a large number of patented products of independent technology and styles. Some of them have made up for the defects of the original product structure and met the customer's consideration. While the demand for excellent products, it also solves the problem of customers' concerns about patent risks. (Welcome new and old customers to consult and order!)
The road to innovation is endless,Kilider launches 3 models for Canon A3 black and white series patented toner cartridges
Jiangxi Kilider Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kilider") has added new products to its patent technology library.
On the basis of the original patented technology, the Kilider technical team has developed three series of toner cartridges suitable for Canon A3 black and white MFPs:
KLD-NPG-85/GPR-63/C-EXV61 toner cartridge for Canon DX6855/6860/6870 model printers;
KLD-NPG-86/GPR-64/C-EXV62 toner cartridge for Canon DX4825/4835/4845 model printers;
KLD-NPG-87/GPR-65/C-EXV63 toner cartridge for Canon iR2725/2730/2735 model printers.
After continuous research and development, improvement and repeated testing by the engineering team, the product has reached the OEM standard in all aspects, and even some functions are better than the OEM.
The endless path of innovation丨KILIDER's new patented product model KLD-HP-W1530
Recently, the HP KLD-HP-W1530 toner cartridge independently developed by Kilider has obtained patents as follows: The invention patent number approved and granted by China National Intellectual Property Administration:  202210474297.X
The road to innovation is endless丨KILIDER obtains new patent KLD-TNP90/91
The Kilider technical team developed the KLD-TNP90/91 toner cartridge with its own style while accurately avoiding the original patent, and applied for an invention patent approved and granted by the State Intellectual Property Office of China, patent number: 202010518746.7
KLD-TNP90/91 toner cartridges are suitable for Konica Minolta BIZHUB 4050i/4750i, BIZHUB 4700i series printers. The number of page yield is respectively: K: 20000/ 20000 pages.
Congratulations to Kilider for winning the EU invention patent certification again
After more than three years of examination by the European Patent Office, Kilider invention patent (patent No. : EP 19182322.8) was approved and obtained the patent certificate issued by the EU.

Kilider has been sticking to the technological innovation. The technical team has designed and developed a large number of patented products with independent technology and style while gets around from OEM patents completely. Some of the independent innovation products improve the structural defects of the original products. Not only meet the demand for good-pricing and high-quality products, it is also valuable for customers to reduce the expense of concerning on patent right infringement.
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