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New product launch | KILIDER launched new patented product KLD-IM460/460H
Kilider has launched a patented toner cartridge, suitable for the Ricoh printer KLD-IM460/460H. The patent of the toner cartridge has been approved by the State Intellectual Property Office of China and granted the invention patent number: ZL20153297229.1。
The road of innovation is endless 丨 Kilider was awarded KLD-W9014MC invention patent certificate
Jiangxi Kilider Technology Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "Kilider") patent technology library adds new products.
Kilider Invention Patent (Patent Number: 202211400332.X) was reviewed by the National Patent Office for more than one years, and finally passed and obtained the invention certificate awarded by the National Patent Office.
How to do when the toner outlet cover of Ricoh MP C305/C306/C406 is abnormal? KILIDER will tell you the answer.
Recently, we have received the feedback from client:
For some old machines of Ricoh MPC305/306/406, thtoner outlet cover can not be closed normally when taking out the toner cartridge, and even in the process of taking out the toner cartridge, the head cap will be stuck in some machines, causing the toner to fall into the machine. It is difficult to clean, and the accumulated residual toner can also contaminate and damage the internal electronic components of the machine, causing the machine to skip code and fail to work.

New product launch | KILIDER launched a Canon patent new product KLD-NPG-88/GPR-66/C-EXV64/65
Jiangxi Kilider Technology Co., Ltd.(Zhuhai exhibition booth number: 2310)(hereinafter referred to as "Kilider")has added new products to its patent technology library.
On the basis of the original patented technology, the Kilider technical team developed a toner cartridge for Canon A3 color composite machine:

KLD-NPG-88/GPR-66/C-EXV64/65 toner cartridge is suitable for Canon IRC3326/3322L/3922/DXC3926/3930/3935 series composite machine.
New product丨KILIDER launches a patented toner cartridge suitable for Kyocera composite machine universal version
Kilider Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhuhai Exhibition Booth No.: 2310) (hereinafter referred to as "Kilider") Patented technology library adds new products.
Kilider, in collaboration with chip and toner manufacturers, has jointly developed and launched a patented toner cartridge that can be used in seven series of Kyocera original factories. The cartridge head design has obtained a national patent (patent number: 202330640009.9).
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