Congratulations to Kilider for winning the EU invention patent certification again

Congratulations to Kilider for winning the EU invention patent certification again

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2022/06/28 11:18
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After more than three years of examination by the European Patent Office, Kilider invention patent (patent No. : EP 19182322.8) was approved and obtained the patent certificate issued by the EU.


Kilider has been sticking to the technological innovation. The technical team has designed and developed a large number of patented products with independent technology and style while gets around from OEM patents completely. Some of the independent innovation products improve the structural defects of the original products. Not only meet the demand for good-pricing and high-quality products, it is also valuable for customers to reduce the expense of concerning on patent right infringement.


The EP 19182322.8 invention patent adopts a developer replenishing box, including a casing, the end of the casing is connected with a large rotating shaft through a sealed bearing, a side bracket, a structure with a scraper connected by bolts, a button and a push rod. Open the developer container, drive the large rotating shaft of the device to drive the blade to rotate, and transport the developer to the area of the small rotating shaft. When not in use, the limit block will jam the push rod, and the developer replenishing port will not be opened, which will not cause developer leakage.

This patent applies to Lexmark toner cartridges
③KLD-XM1140/1145/3150 etc.


This patent applies to Konica Minolta toner cartridges
KLD-TNP40/42, KLD-TNP41/43, KLD-TNP44/46 etc.




As a technical company, Kilider has not only increased the investment in R&D and development of intellectual property, but also actively cultivated high-tech talents.Unlimited innovation. With the philosophy of “continuous improvement and innovation”, Kilider will always provide customers with high quality and best performance products. And provide high-quality consumables solutions for global customers.