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The endless path of innovation丨KILIDER's new patented product model Konica Minolta KLD-TN330/628

The endless path of innovation丨KILIDER's new patented product model Konica Minolta KLD-TN330/628

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2021/05/07 17:14
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Jiangxi Kilider Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kilider") announced that a new product has been added to the patented technology library.
Recently, the Konica Minolta KLD-TN330/628 toner cartridge independently developed by Kilider has obtained patents as follows: The invention patent number approved and granted by China National Intellectual Property Administration: 201911341906.9.
Toner cartridge KLD-TN330/628 is compatible for Konica Minolta Bizhub 300i/360i and 450i/550i/650i. We have two versions, the patented version and the regular version, page yield: 25000 or 24000.
Through continuous research and development, improvement and repeated testing of the KLD-TN330/628 toner cartridge, our engineering team developed a powder filling structure by independent technology to make printing more fluent and extend the toner cartridge’s service time on the basis of avoiding the original patent. Kilider filled cartridges with imported toner powder, which has uniform particle size, high transfer rate, can be fluent loaded without hurting the machine, softer printing quality, and is perfectly compatible with OEM and mainstream toners in the market. The color of graphic printing is highly restored and more natural, guarantees stable printing effect, saves cost to a greater extent, and is deeply loved by consumers.
As a technology-based enterprise, Kilider has continuously increased its investment in R&D and innovation, while also actively training high-tech talents, taking "people-oriented" as the corporate cultural spirit. The company has always attached great importance to the talents and equipment investment, product technological innovation and the protection of independent intellectual property rights. Kilider has won the following patents: 55 product invention patents and 33 other patents. Kilider will maintain the concept of "continuous improvement and innovation", to provide users with high-quality and high-performance products, as well as better consumables solutions for our customers all over the world.