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KILIDER's latest research and development products KLD-TK8365/8367 and KLD-TK8375/8377 are launched

KILIDER's latest research and development products KLD-TK8365/8367 and KLD-TK8375/8377 are launched

New Products
2021/03/23 17:26
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Recently, Jiangxi KILIDER Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as KILIDER) launched two new products, which are suitable for Kyocera KLD-TK8365/8367 and KLD-TK8375/8377. These products are developed by our R&D team after a long-term research and development, improvement and repeated testing to ensure the fluency of printing, compatibility of the toner cartridges, and whether they are environmentally friendly.  
Through continuous product life testing, KILIDER has done detailed data analysis and comparison of toner powder consumption, fixation rate with the OEM products, and we found ours are easier to assemble chips. We made the products more competitive while reducing costs.
▲ KLD-TK8365/8367 used for TASKalfa 2554ci
▲ KLD-TK8375/8377 used for TASKalfa 3554ci
▲ KLD-TK8365/8367 KLD-TK8375/8377
KILIDER always adheres to strict testing standards to ensure that products have excellent performance and good compatibility. During the production process, it implements an international standard quality management system to ensure that the product quality reaches the OEM level. 
As a high-tech enterprise, KILIDER has continuously increased investment in R&D and innovation, while also actively training high-tech talents, taking “people-oriented” as the spirit of enterprise culture, and always paying attention to the recruitment of talents and equipment investment in the company. KILIDER attaches great importance to the protection of technological innovation and independent intellectual property rights. We have passed ISO9001 management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and our products meet the requirements of safety regulations such as REAH & RoHS, as well as ATMC, SCE, WEEE and other certifications, we have also been certified as a national high-tech enterprise in 2017.These certifications have further enhanced the company’s product technology content and core competitiveness. KILIDER will uphold the concept of “continuous improvement and innovation”, and continue to provide high-performance products, better consumables solutions for our customers all over the world.