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2018/09/30 18:18
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Because of its good printing effect and low noise, inkjet printers have become the first choice for home printers. After long-term use, it will have some problems. In its daily use, it should pay attention to the following maintenance items:
      ●Maintenance matters
      1, inkjet printer maintenance
      You must ensure that the printer is working on a stable level and do not place anything on top of the printer. The printer must be closed when the printer is in operation to prevent dust from entering the machine or other hard objects that prevent the printer from running, causing unnecessary malfunctions.
      Do not plug or unplug the print cable. This will damage the printer's print port and the PC parallel port. In severe cases, it will even break down the PC motherboard. If the printout is less clear, streaked, or otherwise defective, the printer's automatic cleaning function can be used to clean the printhead, but a small amount of ink is required. If you are still not satisfied after several consecutive cleanings, you may have run out of ink and you need to replace the ink cartridges.
      2, to ensure the cleaning of the environment
      Too much dust in the environment can easily lead to poor lubrication of the guide shaft of the printing machine, which hinders the operation of the print head during printing, causing inaccurate printing position or crashing into the mechanical frame.
      Sometimes this crash is caused by the printhead not returning to its original position. When restarting, first return the print head to the initial position. (The EPSON part of the printer is turned on after the printer is turned to the left to the position of the replacement cartridge and then reset or reset before cleaning.) Then the print head operation will be performed. Therefore, it causes unnecessary waste of ink. The solution to this problem is to often wipe off the dust on the guide shaft and lubricate the guide shaft. Use a lubricant with good fluidity, such as sewing machine oil.
      3. If the new ink cartridge is not used temporarily, be sure to place the ink outlet downward.
      4. Once the ink cartridge is installed, it is recommended not to take it out and reuse it before using it. After the removal, the reloading machine easily generates bubbles at the ink outlet, which seriously affects the printing effect.
      5. Once the printer displays the ink, replace the ink cartridge as soon as possible to avoid nozzle clogging caused by the nozzle being exposed to the air. It is best to use the ink cartridge within 6 months after installation to ensure print quality.
      6. Inkjet printers that are not used frequently should be turned on at least once a week to avoid clogging of the print head due to ink evaporation.
      7, try to avoid continuous printing time is too long (especially color proof printing), long printing time is easy to overheat the print head. First, it affects the nozzle life of the printer, and secondly, it seriously affects the print quality and printing accuracy, and even makes the print nozzle scrap.
      8, when printing color pictures, it is recommended to change the picture often, so as to avoid the use of a single color too fast, resulting in waste.
      9. Before shutting down, let the print head return to the initial position (the printer automatically returns to the initial position when the printer is in the pause state). Some printers automatically move the printhead to its original position before shutting down; some printers must be turned off before the shutdown (ie, the pause light or PAUSE light is on). In order to avoid the waste of ink when the printer is re-cleaned the next time the printer is turned on, the second is because the print head can be sealed by the protective cover at the initial position to ensure that the ink does not easily evaporate, causing the print head to become clogged.
      10. Some printers are mechanically locked in the initial position. At this time, if the print head is moved by hand, it does not move away from the initial position. Be careful not to force the carriage to move, otherwise it will cause damage to the mechanical part of the printer. In the initial position, the print head is in a locked state. At this time, it is not necessary to manually move the print head to replace the ink cartridge to avoid malfunction.
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